Shitty photos from beautiful places

I guess you’ve seen many ol’insta profiles of pseudo-pro-rammin’ mountainbikers, or blogs like these…

And I guess you’ve also wondered why are there so many scenery photos, handlebars with scenery photos, bike against the trail marker with scenery photos… but no human faces?

Well, we might have a problem.

Our bikes are cooler than we’re.

…Just kidding:-]

I’ve heard so many times that the blog is about nice photos. People seek photos, not sentences. In fact, I should turn my blog into Vlog. So readers can relax, crack the beer and watch it effortlessly.

I do believe, it would increase website visits and to be honest, I don’t give a shit. Times when I thought I can make living of my blog are the thang of da past.

Now I write for people who relish good writing, edgy ideas, unexpected adventures and whatever else wprth sharing.

This blog is my Instagram of collected thoughts”. That being said, my Insta profile is now collecting dust, same as GoPro and DJI drone, I bought to become somebody I’m not.

I know many succesfull Instagram influencers, and I admire them.

It seems they’re having fun on bikes, while sponsors are paying it, right? Well, If it was that easy, everybody would be doing it. Yet the gap between wannabies and those who made it work is monumental.

So whats the differentiator? The hard work…

It takes countless hours produce content you see.

Then they blow some more to study social’s ever changing rules so the “Big Brothers” algorythm actually shows their content.

Showing happy faces when they’re in the mood to spit in the camera and wipe the saliva with middlefinger.

Never quite being on holiday, while making their friends wait on the top of descent.

Habitually stopping during the ride, to shoot some more.

Hauling heavy packs around, topped with expensive filming gear, while sweating their backs off during broiling summer day.

Never putting down the hammer on the descent because of the gear in pack.

Finally, when the ride is over, beer is cracked and laughter is on, they have to edit…

That’s not an enjoyable side hustle. It’s a full time job. And I’m on a holiday now…

So I’ll pedal up to Kill Bill 1, snap a shitty photo with my outdated android, and shred it down without a thought of stopping again.

Madonna trail - Finale Outdoor Region

And when I’m done with Ligurian Sea splashing, or when it’s oily surface layer builds up into sensory-threatening extent, I’ll sit down and write.

Text you then,


PS: oily surface layer = too much sun cream, too many people on a small beach

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