In deep

Total silence.

I’m breathing, slowly…

Breathe in… Breathe out…

Breathe in… I bring steaming mug of freshly brewed coffee closer to my face.

I feel the heat… and rich aroma that’s mesmerizing my senses.

I touch the mug with my lips… lean it… and take a sip.

I exhale with pleasure.

Open my eyes and look outside the window.

I see the darkness.

I focus my gaze into it and start recognizing silhouettes of sharp, rocky peaks.

I look at my watch… 5:18 AM… too early.

Although I have time to think… about this moment I’m experiencing… about my feeling.

I feel FREE.

Freedom is the single, most important goal, I’ve been chasing for two decades… I can’t believe it was here, overlooked, all that time.

I didn’t see it through the white noise.

Five years ago, I would be sitting at the same chair, in the same remote mountain hut, yet glued to the IG feed… Scrolling through perfectly manicured agendas of others to leave an unreal impression of their “daily lives”.

It was so easy to believe, this is how they live. Indeed I, as a billions of others, was failing to recognize the true, unfiltered reality.

Socials are a decoy.

We all know it, yet we fall prey for, over and over… a dozen times a day… Because the unreal world is so much more exciting than a real one.

We can’t simply “rip the cables” and stay cool with that. We must replace it with a different “supernatural” world.

Just like this one, I’m immersed in, now.

Arosa, Switzerland

As I’m taking this lesson in, my attention smoothly drifts to rocky spires outside of window. They are slowly turning pink as the alpine sun climbs up to the horizon.

I take my warm cup, jacket and walk outside… to catch this memorable moment. Not on a camera. I’ll store it only in my selfish brain.

My highest priority right now is to do what I’m doing.

There is nobody to tell me otherwise.

There is nothing to scatter my attention.

Just me, mountain sunrise and the feeling of freedom.

No matter I have only 2 days a week, when I can do whatever I want. Freedom is about quality, not quantity. So I’ve chosen. #airplane mode.

Freedom is for everybody. Young or old, poor or rich, white or black. Mountains don’t judge.

Arosa, Switzerland
Arosa, Switzerland
Arosa, Switzerland
Arosa, Switzerland
Arosa, Switzerland
Arosa, Switzerland