Flyin’ banannas

Being a screwdriver’s extension in a bikeshop offers full bucket of advantages to being an office johny in hopkinton.

Hands down the biggest one is the gang of two-wheeled fun-seeking, high-octane, freaky colleagues.

Like a Frenchie with insatiable appetite for petit chocolate cakes and squeaky rubber ducks on handlebars.

Or Aussie party toy boy van-dweller.

Or a suspension scientist grease monkey, sleeping with a bottle of Raceline oil instead of girlfriend.

Boss is the biggest park rat or ex-pro skater.

If you land a job in such one, you’ll notice a whole shebang of wooky things.

Pizzas and beers as primary payment method, yet still no AMEX, sorry.

Tip box used for anything. From icecream to Chillcotins two-day floatplane trip.

Ya done know!

We’ve been saving tips for it since spring 2015. And when the end of July came, Big B. chipped in the rest and gave us keys from his V8 Tundra.

BRAAP, and we were off to wilderness…

Parked at Tyaughton lake, got bikes & stuff together, waited for the plane.

Couple mins later, a small float plane came, dropped its jaw and swallowed 4 stoked bikers with their toys.

I won the shotgun spot. Paper-rock-scissors way. So I’ve got the priviledge to see wild landscape from above. Same way as the other guys behind…

The flight was epic but short. Plane dropped us on Warner lake, where our 4 hour ride down began.

I’ve got incrediblazed. Steep meadows, deep canyons and mind-boggling views.

Time warped forward as I followed Chris’s rear wheel.

Soon, we were back at the base.

It was time for a second most popular Canadian sport: “hot tub poaching”. But somebody had an idea to discretely ask girls at Tyax Lodge if they let us in for a couple of bucks. They did.

So we’ve jumped in and bromanced the views from outdoor jackuzzi.

Got hungy.

Moved to the campsite, and fired up the grill. Chris the chef said we’re having burgers tonight. Burgers and beer? Sounds about right. Call me jewranesaurus-rex. I’d eat anything in my way.

What about the desert? Sure thing! Roasted marschmallows. Whizz, rex was gone in a nanosecond. “Do you wanna kill me? That’s not a dessert. It’s tasteless carcinogenic sugar assault!”

Guys shook heads over my Slovakian dinning rules.

Shortly before we went to sleep, during grill cleaning, Chris and Rick wished me a good night. “Grizleys will come from that way”.

Cool, thank you for this valuable piece of information. I’m really happy I’ve heard it:-]

Rolled out my Spotlight Bivy [Mr. Adam Ultralight], and got ready for a “good” sleep… All-nighter on hair-trigger alert, with a bag on my face…

Finally a morning sun hit my face.

I must looked like a zombie, but I was ready to shred. After quadruple coffee shot of course.

We’ve moved to Carls Creek for some shuttling. No clue where we were, what’s the trail, nothing. Followed the leader and had the time of my life.

Soon, the trip will be over and we return to our “booring job”. But not yet. There is still one more lap waiting…