Conquer your fear.

“We are living in uncertain times”, I can hear it from everywhere. Even when I am unplugged.

Nothing is certain in my eyes. When I woke up 2 months ago, I wasn’t certainly sure, that my boss won’t fire me that day. I was also not certain that my car will make it back home. I wasn’t certain that ripe avocados in Lidl will be really ripe, yet I felt okay with that uncertainty.

We are living in uncertain times since we were born, but now they tell us we should be fearful.

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We are all facing one nasty, infective flu on steroids. I don’t wanna call it by the name. Not because I feel prone to get it, but because its name in my ears feels like chewing gum in my mouth after 2 hours. No taste, no texture, just too much of chewing for too long time.

It’s serious. I understand. But why should we feel depressed and fearful?

Does it gonna help anybody? No, the others need our smile and encouragement, not depression and worry.

Does it gonna make us look more compassionate in front of the others? Maybe, but it doesn’t matter, because what the others think of us have much more to do with them, then us.

Does it going to save us from our upcoming financial troubles? No, we don’t know what’s coming. How can we prepare for something we can’t predict?

There is no reason to be worried, but many reasons why not to.

First, wash your hands. That’s all you should be worried about.

Think of it as an opportunity for personal growth.

If you are able to stay on joyful in these grey times, you will handle your life with ease once it comes back to normal.

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Have your boss sent you home to protect the company? That’s great! Read books, watch webinars, study or build your side income. These times are clearly showing that it’s not good to rely on a single income stream.

Do you feel worried and fearful? Good, that’s the wind in your sails. Use it and create your first passive income. There are so many books around to launch your Ideavirus like this one: $100 dollars Startup by Chris Guillebeau

Do you feel down? Go to help somebody.

“The most selfish thing you can ever do is to help somebody because the gratification you feel after it is better than any jewelry”

Do you feel prone to that nasty disease? That’s your fire to burn your unhealthy eating habits. Healthy people rarely get sick. When they do, they get rid of sickness quickly.

You can be healthy too. Let’s start with this: You can have pleasure or you can have happiness, but you’ll never have both! Yes, it’s really about the food:-]

More ideas about healthy delicious foods on my girlfriend’s blog Colourful, healthy, tasty and simple. Even dummies like me can make it!

Do you feel tired from all of that? Do you know how to get energy? I know the obvious answer might be “from Red Bull” or “from coffee” but it doesn’t work in the long run. There are no shortcuts, I am sorry.

To have more energy, you need to burn the energy you already have. To build a muscle, you need to destroy that muscle first. To feel strong you need to stand up and do your workout. You don’t need a gym for that, kitchen table will serve well.

…And the tree is not only tree. It’s your training tool. Once you establish successful passive income, quit your job and move to the Philippines, this skill will be useful to collect bananas for your morning smoothie.

Smile:-] And work your ass off to become the best version of yourself.