• Flipping the lifeswitch
    The last 15 months in Germany were pretty good. I’ve landed a cool job in YT Industries headquarters as a bike mechanic. I was tearing enduro … Read more
  • Keep it simple | Minivan life in BC
    If you’d ever questioned yourself you can enjoy a workout in the gym, try a minivan life. Buy a minivan, build your bed in and move … Read more
  • Ice Climbing BC – The Plum suffer trip
    The Plum WI5 stands for 300m of superb ice climbing. Located in a north-facing gully and almost always in shape. It should be on your list … Read more
  • Getting hungry.
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  • Living the dream in Whistler BC
    Why Whistler Adventure School? It simply fits my lifestyle. I am a mountainbiker, skier, climber. I love to play in the mountains. Being surrounded by other like-minded people is great motivation. In Whistler Adventure School it is easy to build relationships with students and teachers also.
  • Celebrating your life while putting it on the front line
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