Bike X Zone Susice minitrip

When you don’t have a big mountain call, it’s time to seek fun on smaller hills.

Susice, Czech Republic is one of those little known, isolated bike paradises which will blow your mind off. It has loam, roots, rocks assembled in a perfect rock-garden mosaics and shitload of flow. If you don’t trust me, check the video below.

Absence of lifts give you the feeling that you’re the only rider on the trail.

I’ve done all marked trails multiple times within one day, while didn’t pass anybody on the way down. When you pedal up, you can see somebody descending, but compared to crowded bike park lift queue, where I feel like a worm in the jar full of other worms, equipped with anti-corona facemask which instantly fogs up my sunnies, Bike X Zone Susice is your retreat.

Also there is nobody shouting on you that you ride too fast or too slow.

Yep, it’s loamy. Thanks to the fact that this is a new and unfrequented trail center, you can still find some brown pow.

When you check those those perfectly designed rockgardens, you can get a sense of purpose behind these trails. Designed to last and to entertain experienced riders.

I would like to underline the word EXPERIENCED. These trails are not beginner friendly. You should be at least intermediate rider to have fun in Bike X Zone Susice.

Get a little taster of Canadian trails.

I lived for 3 years in Whistler BC. Canadian trails were my daily bread. When I rolled into Epona trail in Susice, I’ve had little Dejavu. The style of this trail is closest to Canadian as it gets.

Keep your eyes opened.

When you look around, especially on the top of “Sedlo”, where the trail Epona starts, you can find some old trails built for enduro race stages.

Marked trails:

There are 4 trails on 3 different hills, with approx 20 mins to pedal between those hills. I’ve done 3 times Epona, 3 times Rocky 1, once Rocky 2, once Morrigan within 4 hours and was still hungry for more. I think a weekend spend here is appropriate for the amount of trails given.

Trails stats:

  • Epona trail: lenght 2100 m, altitude 215 m, experts only
  • Rocky 1 trail: lenght 980 m, altitude 120 m, advanced riders
  • Rocky 2 trail: lenght 900 m, altitude 120 m, advanced riders
  • Morrigan trail: lenght 1800 m, altitude 180 m, experts only

Sweaty? Take a bath in the red river, that flows through the center of the town Susice.

Normally I wouldn’t do that. River that flows through the town center evokes a fekal thoughts in my mind. What if somebody has a toilet outflow pipe connected to the river?

Well it looked like times of Socialism are well over and a bunch of locals were happily taking a bath there. The river is coloured red, it is probably flowing through one or multiple iron ore mines in this area.

And here we are again. The trip is over, and we are driving back home, with head deep in thoughts of great trails and bright memories of Susice – the unknown bike paradise.